Up at dawn for a early departure from Seward Alaska. With a nice hot cup of Kona Coffee, and good weather ahead it was time to skedaddle.

My planned route for today is from Seward Alaska, across a small portion of the Gulf of Alaska and into Prince William Sound. Hopefully I will make it to Rocky Bay by dark.

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The sun is shining, and the winds are fair. You cannot ask for a nicer day for a journey.

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Passing by Fox Island and the Bird Rookery at the cape Resurrection one can only be in awe of this place. It is larger than life. This is Alaska.

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It's hard to describe to a non sea faring person the feeling you get when you first feel the power of the open ocean on your bow. The waves move your boat with their rhythmic flow in a way that lets you know that you are something small, in something very powerful. These are the ocean swells, the waves start at the beginning of time and go forever.

The seas today are nice. I am running at a RPM setting of 1450 which is making between 7 and 8 knots. The engines are happy at this RPM and the boat just feels right. There is a light southerly breeze less than 10 knots. The swell is around four feet coming out of the south to south east with no wind waves on top. The swells are spaced so that they make the boat rock, not uncomfortable, but not exactly pleasant either. You have to hold on to move around. My motion is easterly so these are beam seas. Up here at the top of the world all we really get are beam seas, so you get used to it.

Since I have not been to sea since last summer my stomach is not doing the best. Not throw up bad, but not feeling all that well either. This tells me that I have to get my sea legs on. Thank goodness for crackers and cheese, that helps a lot. I think about tacking into the seas but decide to tough it out. I could tack, but if I make a 45 degree tack that will add 40% to my distance traveled, and my time. Since I really want to make it to Rocky Bay today I decide to keep plugging along with a stomach much settled by good food.

Entering Prince William Sound the ocean swells abate and I am back in protected waters.

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The wind dies, and the seas flatten. I am blessed with this wonderful view as I round to corner to my safe anchorage for the night.

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Here is a link to my SPOT page if you want to see where I am right now.