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  • Homeless

    We are currently unable to get to our boat due to flooding. What does everyone do when unable to stay on your boat for any reason. Do you have a condo, rent an apartment, go to hotel. God forbid, stay with the kids.

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    Never been unable to get to my boat. Even when she is on the hard I have stayed on here. However, sometimes in the winter we need a break from the darkness and we check ourselves into a 5 star hotel downtown.
    Seattle, WA
    Ocean Alexander 54


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      My first option would be to not leave. I left for Hurricane Irma and frankly, that was a Big Mistake.

      I know I was terribly upset when the government Emergency Management would not allow me back to my boat. NEVER again will I leave.

      If you're interested in the saga (and I do whine -- not all boating is sunsets at anchor with a chilled beverage) the article is here:

      I would look into an AirBnB or some sort of family motel. Right down the street from me is a Mom and Pop place. Some might offer discounts for a week. Good luck.


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        We have spent many days in hotels while on the hard for service, during the winter because of no water or black water tank full and iced in or just need a break.