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    Click image for larger version  Name:	20190509_132531.jpg Views:	0 Size:	66.7 KB ID:	2850In my 3888 I have a electric ac heaters in the salon, master and second bedrooms. I also have a webasto diesel heater in the engine room with outlets in the same 3 areas. I find the diesel heater puts out too much heat. The salon outlet goes through the upholstery under the dinette table and as it is only about a foot or 2 away from the actual furnace in the engine room it comes out so hot the admiral has to move or burn her legs. I am concerned the leatherette will melt or worse burn. Consequently I only use the electrics so far. I am thinking of moving the outlet to where the intake for the furnace is. Could I convert the intake to an outlet and get the intake air from the engine room?
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    You can do this but you will have all kinds of other problems with the heater unless you leave a window or door open while running the heater. With out an open window or door, your cabin will become pressurized, slowing down the air flow, causing over temp issues. Not a good plan. Just relocate the duct and use silicone tubing.
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      Thanks Tiltrider1, I had not thought of that issue. That is why I asked for input. I will have to see where else I can relocate to.


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        My Wallace furnaces also put out really hot air. I do not think it’s dangerous hot, like melting things, but it is uncomfortable if you put your foot right in front of it.

        If you do not like the location, i’d move it, and just put a blank grill cover over the hole.

        Tiltrider did have a good idea as well. If you open up the intake to your furnace temporarially you will be able to quickly tell of you have a return air obstruction happening.
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