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Greetings from the Gulf coast of Florida.

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    Just a footnote on my shower. I'm building a small shower stall (or rather will be once the salon/berthing area is completed). But I decided that even though my walls will be white, the shower pan is going to be a medium sized cement mixing pan. It has high sides, is very durable and I can easily add a drain.

    Being black I wanted a nice nonskid bathmat inside. So I found a rubber bathmat that has 200 suction cups and looks like flat black river pebbles. I cut it down a bit to fit my shower pan (which is yet to have the drainage attached).

    I think it looks rather nice though pictures from my phone don't do it full justice. Still you can see the effect well enough. In the boat shots the shower pan is located where the shower will be. Opposite of that will be my composting toilet.

    Click image for larger version

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      One of my friends suggested that I share my composting toilet build. I am not done with the cover plate artwork yet. So it will be a tropical reef scene when it is complete. I'm an artist in addition to being a writer and marine biologist. So decorating the head on Aquatica is something I felt compelled to do. I want the bathroom/head to be unique.

      Anyway the toilet has a urine diverter/separator that I bought from a UK based company called WePee. It has a remote controlled LED light to make it easier to check urine levels. A vent fan (though this is a bit of overkill since properly maintained composting toilets tend to be relatively odorless and smell similar to garden soil).

      Here is the build.

      The shell display on top is being glued to artificial "ripple sand" like you might see on a beach. I made this out of wood which I then glued sand onto. The starfish is hand painted to replicate a live seastar.

      The reef scene was initially woodburned on and then colorized using color/colour pencils and acrylic paint. Once completed I will seal it in resin to improve durability.

      A glitch is preventing me from loading the rest. I will load reboot and load the rest in another message.


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        I'm still having trouble posting images. I'll come back to this later.




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          Wow, you've got a real "can do" attitude! Can I borrow some of it? LOL. Keep up the good work
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            Thank you Jason!

            You are welcome to it mate!

            I'll be trying for more images soon. Cheers!


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              Click image for larger version

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ID:	2963 Current progress on Aquatica. I have to trim the aft portion of the roof panels over the forward compartment. But the framing and exterior roofing is up. I'll be insulating the edges after I get them trimmed.
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                The center clear panels will be skylights.


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                  You have accomplished a lot. Congratulations and all the best on this project.

                  The use of that nonskid "river rocks" is interesting. I have seen it and been intrigued... just hadn't figured out what to use it for. That might just work great in my shower. Thanks!


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                    One thing does concern me... the weight of the materials. What is the rating for the hull? How much can she hold without stability or freeboard being compromised?