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  • From the Arizona desert

    I am a wanna be at this point. Land locked in the desert of Arizona, called Phoenix. I have a 27' Express Cruiser that I trailer to local lakes, I have had 3 other vessels mostly in the PNW. My first was a '19 Bayliner Cuddy. Retirement is rolling up to my station in life soon. Being surrounded by liquid is an appealing option.

    While I have lived in the Puget Sound for a decade back in the 1980s, the body of fresh water that has my fancy at the moment is the Tombigbee River. Locating to this water gives me access to salt water with a fresh water home port. Real Estate is cheap there so plan I am considering is to sell my AZ properties around retirement and be in the water more or less full time with a land based small home on that river.

    Very much in the beginning stages of "what if" and how can it be made to happen.


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    Sometimes you have to consider all the options, both positive and negative, and if things look positive, make it happen. Waiting for things to be perfect, may not happen, so give it your best shot, and make it work. Good luck, and Keep The Dream Alive!
    Bayliner 5288
    Port Ludlow, WA


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      I'm looking at that general area also. About 3 years from now...
      John Shade
      1986 Marinette 39 Sedan
      twin 454 Crusaders 350 HP
      Ohio & Muskingum Rivers


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        The trick is to as ken posted, keep the dream alive. Make plans, and let those plans morph into what becomes reality for you.

        Every adventure started with a dream at some point.
        Kevin Sanders
        Bayliner 4788 Seward, Alaska
        Map where I am right now