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Greetings from Downeast Maine!

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  • Greetings from Downeast Maine!

    I just sort of "tripped" over this forum, as someone on Facebook mentioned they were posting a voyage here. I'm glad they did, and I've perused some interesting posts by the members.
    I'm a retired marine engineer and naval architect. I've designed, built, and have owned/sailed several boats over the years but have been somewhat landlocked over the past several years (even though I live on the seacoast) since moving to Maine from Cape Cod. I'm presently planning a new sailboat design, and will build the boat as well. Updates will take place online as I make progress, and then hope to post some videos of subsequent voyages. I'm partial to wooden boats when it comes to personal choice, and so the new vessel will probably be some sort of wood construction. I'm not a purist though, so the new design could possibly be a hybrid of sorts. I'm undertaking this project to some cruising and living aboard throughout part of the year, because such an undertaking rejuvenates my soul!

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    Welcome aboard!!!
    Kevin Sanders
    Bayliner 4788 Seward, Alaska
    Map where I am right now


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      Love the ending comment....
      "because such an undertaking rejuvenates my soul!"
      Bayliner 5288
      Port Ludlow, WA


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        I just posted a video along the lines of what I wrote above but a little more in depth. The URL is:


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          I just watched your video. Nice.

          But damn you grow a beard fast in the video LOL